End of June 2018 the first LearJet rolled through the 30 meter wide gate into the JetHost hangar in Copenhagen-Roskilde Airport. This is the widest available gate in one piece and its installation has set a very high standard for the precision of the construction work overall.

With its 12 meter the hangar is the tallest in the Airport. Access from three sides enables full usage and makes it the only hangar that can handle large-cabin jets or more than one super-midsized jet.

"This is attractive to most jet owners and operators as is the central location in the airport with an open apron on the east side. We are seeing the first interest in renting parking space in this new heated hangar and expect more demand as we move from worth-of-mouth to more marketing activity such as the launch of", says Helgi Dyremose, MD in Dyremose A/S and Partner in JetHost.

The energy consumption is expected to be half of existing hangars thanks to its sandwich construction with ultra-isolating material and floor heating as the primary source.

"Having worked closely with suppliers and in all weather conditions for the past year, it is very fulfilling to have the first jet parked in our 1340 m2 hangar. We will now finish the construction of the 400 m2 of office space and hope to soon announce the first tenant", says Brian Max Knudsen, Partner in JetHost.

In 2017 Dyremose A/S and Brian Max Holding ApS formed a partnership to build the hangar under the name JetHost ApS. Whilst Brian Max Knudsen has been the main entrepreneur on the project Helgi Dyremose has contributed his expertise from 20 years of experience in the Private Jet Industry.

Please find images and video from the construction below and on the page about 'The Hanger'.

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